All that is necessary for the loss of Liberty, is for a few common men to do nothing.
- Thomas Jefferson -

  • Our Service-Disabled Veterans answered the call once - but we need to create a new team with them again.
  • Our Nation's Defense Aerospace Engineering force is 20 percent undermanned and getting smaller and older.
  • More than 50% of US technical degrees are awarded to non-US Citizens who export their degree home.
  • Our Common Defense requires trusted, trained US Citizen-engineers with security clearances.
Freedom's Price is an economic engine for the sustained training of Service-Disabled (Chapter 31) veterans to fill the critical defense engineering void.

Chapter 31 Veterans have:
  • A demonstrated commitment to their Country
  • Unquestionable loyalty
  • Existing security clearances
  • Technical degrees and training in military systems
Freedom's Price has the responsibility to invest donated resources in an engineering company owned, staffed and operated by Chapter 31 veterans, all dedicated to creating more Chapter 31 engineer-operators.
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